Friday, November 05, 2004

Time to move on and get back to work.

President re-elect Mr. George W. Bush defeated Senator John F. Kerry in 2004 US presidential elections. 286 Vs. 252 final tally of electoral votes and 59.46 million Vs. 55.95 million. It’s been one of the greatest victories for GOP and any president since 1936.

As expected, millions of people across world are shocked and it is good time to see various news articles blaming different groups, thoughts, moves and ideas for the defeat of J. F. Kerry. I have my own little thought…

Every liberal or I must say every non-conservative, literate and sufficiently empowered with strength of common sense has voted against Mr. George W. Bush in this election but at the end of the day, the fact is country has more so conservative and narrow minded people.

Mostly on the coast (California, Washington, NY…) where people are little bit smart, aware of the global situation and understand the fact that world is nothing but a small village of diverse thinking, have voted against Mr. Bush but let's face it we have more people in number, who still believe in concept of “me and my country", who are still not connected to outside world and who are still alienated from popular thinking. These people have nothing to do with what goes on outside of their country and how it might affect them in long run.

One of the good things about Democracy and election is this:
Country is run on the basis of majority thinking and of course minority has to live with it... The only way we can change what has happened is by being in majority and only way we can be in majority is by making more and more people aware of global thinking and global ideas, challenging their little narrow-minded town and country thinking.

--Salim Hemdani

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

War to preserve Democracy

I never thought like this before but these days I am very thankful to almighty GOD for me always being in a democratic country. I was born and bought-up in India the world’s largest democracy and I am currently working in United States, a truly free and democratic nation. Being always in a democratic environment I had lost value for it but after looking at the recent events I feel I am one happy free global citizen living in democratic countries.

I understand that Democracy is a fairly new concept for the human race as compared to the concept of Kings, Dictators and Empires. I know it does not work for people who love to have absolute power but I think it works for common people and for more number of people when it comes to living happily ever after scenario.

When I was a kid I had always thought that people everywhere in the world have right to speak their mind freely but this thought was buried alive when my sister got married to a person in Pakistan. Pakistan was so called democratic country in those days but soon after it wasn’t. I was depressed for few days after listening to horrible stories from Pakistan but then I forgot about it very quickly and moved on in life but I knew we lost a Democratic county to Dictatorship.

The war in Iraq justified as to build a democratic Iraq makes so much sense to many people that president Bush might get elected again, but do we really think world is heading towards a democratic structure or we are loosing democracy day by day and year by year. Two of the biggest nations on the face of the earth are not very particularly happy with the concept of democracy. First is China, as we all know and secondly Russia as I heard in the news yesterday or as Bill Maher puts it “Canceling of Democracy in Russia”.

Someone might not agree and it might not be true anymore that Russia is a second most powerful country in the world but it certainly is a big and powerful country. I read in news, United States is not going to pressure or advise Russia, not to perform the overhauling of the current Democratic system into some Dictatorship model because US fears to loose a valuable allay in war against terrorism but do you really think it the right way? War against terrorism is war to preserve our rights, our values, and our ideals that are all summed up to being democratic. If countries like Russia are loosing it on an event are we not loosing the war?

-- Salim Hemdani

Friday, October 01, 2004

Who won the first debate?

Debate literally means to engage in formal discussion or argument and I was wondering if there is a way to find out who wins the argument specially when there is no single argument but collective ideas to discuss. Judging the winner of the debate will be a mistake and I will leave it to the undecided voter to decide and vote for the next president.
The debate was very rhetoric with the same ideas candidates were promoting from last few months in their respective campaigns but what was different is that both candidates were true winners to put their idea clearly and forthcoming to the American public. Both candidates were so clear on their views that it is more confusing for people who want to decide and only hope for those people is to wait for next debate.

Most important question for American people is homeland security, security and safety in USA. Jim Lehrer did a great job in selecting the argument topics. It is quite clear that both candidates will do equally good job for homeland security. Sen. Kerry had an upper edge as he was on offence but President Bush did defend himself well on the topic.

Iraq is a mess and how we got there was a big argument but do Americans really care? Now that damage is done the important argument was who can fix it sooner. President Bush repeated several times that Iraq is a hard job and John Kerry said it plainly “Iraq is a mess”. So we definitely know both agree that it will be the biggest task for next president to fix situation in Iraq and you may think Senator Kerry will do better job than President Bush but who knows? Because Bush did not meet all that we can think of does not mean Sen. Kerry can do better.

No matter what is the result of today’s debate, I mean people will get the winner with some magical method but what’s important is how did candidates perform?

President Bush had very few achievements to use as example during the debate and you bet he used it repeatedly, 25 million people registered to vote in Afghanistan, 100,000 Iraqi forces trained, Libya disarmed and exposure of A.Q. Khan’s network in Pakistan. On the other hand John Kerry showed his wisdom and knowledge of external world and did blast Mr. Bush with failures of current administration, tora bora’s missed chance, colossal error of going to war without an exit strategy, poor alliances and mishandling of North Korea and Iran issues.

Senator John Kerry blasted Mr. Bush and his policies and most of the time Kerry was sharp and clear presenting his thoughts which was impressive. On the other hand President George W. Bush seemed focused on telling American people that Kerry sends mixed messages to the world or simply Kerry is a flip flopper. Mr. Bush also made it clear that we need to be strong and offensive in war on terrorism as well as Iraq is a hard work.

We did hear all of the above arguments in last few months from both campaigns but you still need to decide who the winner is?

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