Friday, October 01, 2004

Who won the first debate?

Debate literally means to engage in formal discussion or argument and I was wondering if there is a way to find out who wins the argument specially when there is no single argument but collective ideas to discuss. Judging the winner of the debate will be a mistake and I will leave it to the undecided voter to decide and vote for the next president.
The debate was very rhetoric with the same ideas candidates were promoting from last few months in their respective campaigns but what was different is that both candidates were true winners to put their idea clearly and forthcoming to the American public. Both candidates were so clear on their views that it is more confusing for people who want to decide and only hope for those people is to wait for next debate.

Most important question for American people is homeland security, security and safety in USA. Jim Lehrer did a great job in selecting the argument topics. It is quite clear that both candidates will do equally good job for homeland security. Sen. Kerry had an upper edge as he was on offence but President Bush did defend himself well on the topic.

Iraq is a mess and how we got there was a big argument but do Americans really care? Now that damage is done the important argument was who can fix it sooner. President Bush repeated several times that Iraq is a hard job and John Kerry said it plainly “Iraq is a mess”. So we definitely know both agree that it will be the biggest task for next president to fix situation in Iraq and you may think Senator Kerry will do better job than President Bush but who knows? Because Bush did not meet all that we can think of does not mean Sen. Kerry can do better.

No matter what is the result of today’s debate, I mean people will get the winner with some magical method but what’s important is how did candidates perform?

President Bush had very few achievements to use as example during the debate and you bet he used it repeatedly, 25 million people registered to vote in Afghanistan, 100,000 Iraqi forces trained, Libya disarmed and exposure of A.Q. Khan’s network in Pakistan. On the other hand John Kerry showed his wisdom and knowledge of external world and did blast Mr. Bush with failures of current administration, tora bora’s missed chance, colossal error of going to war without an exit strategy, poor alliances and mishandling of North Korea and Iran issues.

Senator John Kerry blasted Mr. Bush and his policies and most of the time Kerry was sharp and clear presenting his thoughts which was impressive. On the other hand President George W. Bush seemed focused on telling American people that Kerry sends mixed messages to the world or simply Kerry is a flip flopper. Mr. Bush also made it clear that we need to be strong and offensive in war on terrorism as well as Iraq is a hard work.

We did hear all of the above arguments in last few months from both campaigns but you still need to decide who the winner is?

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