Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome - Why it is different?

Yesterday, Google launched its first beta version of open source web browser called Chrome. Some people consider this launch as Google’s attack on Microsoft’s IE and some regarded this launch as yet another browser to choose from. Google indirectly claims that market needed a fresh web browser. A browser that is written from scratch with a next generation thinking even though Chrome is built on WebKit an existing open source web browser engine. Google’s long term strategy behind this product is unknown but I believe it is the move Google should have made long time ago.

One of my old college used to say “Do not go under the spotlight if you cannot control the outcome on the stage”. Google’s business is solely based on internet and its growth. Google is under the spotlight on the stage of internet play from the beginning but it had zero control on the way people got to the internet and the way browsers interpreted the web pages. With Chrome, for which I predict it will have a substantial market penetration soon, Google will gain some control on the outcome.

Apart from the business strategy aspect, Chrome browser does have some neat technology advancements. Chrome has done every effort to make browser more stable, faster, clean, simple, efficient and safe. Few things that are specifically noteworthy are:

  • User controlled multi process browser which creates independent browsing environment making it fast, stable, scalable and safe.

  • Platform independent JavaScript Virtual Machine called V8 which converts JS source into native machine code for faster processing.

  • Smart conservative garbage collection methods for fast JS interpretation speed.

  • Open source Gears for development community to create additional features.

  • And lastly search feature for your browser history, suggestions integration on address bar, incognito mode for private browsing, sandboxing of plug-in controls, pop-up blocker, phishing sites security warning etc

Google launched Chrome only for Windows which forced me to restart my Mac in boot camp mode with Windows Server 2003. I am eagerly waiting for a Mac version which Google has promised to launch shortly.

-- Salim Hemdani

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Let your consumer speak freely - AdLife

Today our company (Avenue A | Razorfish) announced a partnership with Pluck to develop a new social media advertising offering – code-named: AdLife. AdLife, when launched, will provide a way to start a meaningful conversation between your brand and your consumer. This conversation will start right when you first reach to your consumer via digital advertising campaign. We all know how important social media advertising and user generated content is but so far no one ever thought of connecting the dots.

AdLife will make it possible to embed social media technologies directly into Interactive Advertising Bureau standard advertising units that are distributed wherever consumers live in the digital world. Consumers will be able to rate, review, comment or post a feedback within the interactive advertising unit. Consumers will also be able to see what other consumers have to say. An open dialog between your consumers and your brand without a trip to your website.

In current scenario, your digital media spend reaches you target audience to drive them to a location where they can share their thoughts and start a conversation but imagine if you can completely avoid the “drive-traffic-for-social-communication” and instead let people communicate where they see your brand (yes, within the ad unit).

Digital has gone social thus your consumer. Consumers are interacting with your brand and formulating an opinion about your products without even visiting your website. The consumer has escaped. So where do you spend your marketing dollars? AdLife is an effort to bridge the gap between marketers dilemma about social media technology vs. plain old advertising units.

-- Salim Hemdani

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How cool is this new search engine - ?

By now almost everyone who keeps an eye on search market is aware of the launch of new search engine - And to my amazement most of us have already given a verdict on this new offering as to if this is a real Google killer or just another dying hope for those Google haters. Cuil has also got a lot of attention from Google lovers - this launch was a real attention grabbing hoax.

So what makes center of attention?
  • is developed by couple of engineers who have a hand in developing Goggle's search engine. This particular fact has given them a lot of credibility.
  • Secondly, this search engine indexes many more pages than Google does. I did not know that Google does not index the entire world’s web pages – may be cuil indexes pages from other planet’s ecosystem too but any how this fact makes an attractive offering. More pages means more results .
  • Finally, last but not least and I think most important is that does not remember your search queries – a big win for those privacy advocates who are trying to get Google for a long time now.

So what is your verdict of this cool or not so cool offering? I will share my first experience and for those who believe in “first impression is the last impression” I did not have a good experience. My first hit to on the day it launched resulted in a service not available page (too many hopefuls flocking on to Since then service has been bought-up and I have given it few more tries but I could not make up my mind.

As of today Google is still the kind of search for me and I bow to thee. What you guys think?

-- Salim Hemdani

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Google Friend Connect - What role will you play?

I believe this is huge. A social eco-system for site owners, users and widget builders. Only a company like Google can pull this off. And yeah, did I say that there is no one like Google?

What are you doing to be on top of Friend Connect? Are you going to list your site? Are you going to build applications that leverage your site functions? Or you are simply going to sit back, relax and enjoy the power of Friend Connect as an end user.

-- Salim Hemdani