Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Let your consumer speak freely - AdLife

Today our company (Avenue A | Razorfish) announced a partnership with Pluck to develop a new social media advertising offering – code-named: AdLife. AdLife, when launched, will provide a way to start a meaningful conversation between your brand and your consumer. This conversation will start right when you first reach to your consumer via digital advertising campaign. We all know how important social media advertising and user generated content is but so far no one ever thought of connecting the dots.

AdLife will make it possible to embed social media technologies directly into Interactive Advertising Bureau standard advertising units that are distributed wherever consumers live in the digital world. Consumers will be able to rate, review, comment or post a feedback within the interactive advertising unit. Consumers will also be able to see what other consumers have to say. An open dialog between your consumers and your brand without a trip to your website.

In current scenario, your digital media spend reaches you target audience to drive them to a location where they can share their thoughts and start a conversation but imagine if you can completely avoid the “drive-traffic-for-social-communication” and instead let people communicate where they see your brand (yes, within the ad unit).

Digital has gone social thus your consumer. Consumers are interacting with your brand and formulating an opinion about your products without even visiting your website. The consumer has escaped. So where do you spend your marketing dollars? AdLife is an effort to bridge the gap between marketers dilemma about social media technology vs. plain old advertising units.

-- Salim Hemdani

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