Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Razorfunfish - A new way to ideate…

So how does the social buzz and search engine work? How efficient search engines are when it comes to indexing pages as soon as a word is discovered. At Razorfish (@Razorfish) Clien Summit in Las Vegas a challenge contest is created to make “razorfunfish” a word that shows up in search result… Of course we are talking what else?

The competition has two parts to it:

1. Can Google search engine really index pages within a day for some random term like razorfunfish?
2. If search engine indexes the pages then how does the ranking work? What pages shows-up first?

Many social media fundamentalist (including me) are blogging, tweeting and facebooking the term razorfunfish. Let’s see what happens. BTW the prize for the winner (one who gets on the top of the search results) is a autographed assets by Dave Stewart (@DaveStewart)… You can be the winner.

Salim Hemdani