Wednesday, June 03, 2009

bing: When you are not aimlessly searching...

Microsoft released its new search engine or rather I should say a decision engine called bing. bing is a new evolved version of live search. The going away of live search and much hype about bing made me visit the site. I am an avid Google user just like most of you are but I wanted to test ride this new search engine. My intention was to run couple of queries namely, search on my name, search for tours in Europe, search on some current events… I must say this time Microsoft caught my attention. bing is something to watch for. I would say Google needs to take its search engine to next level pretty soon!

So what is so good about bing that I took time to write this blog entry? I wish I can write everything down for you to read but trust me it will be no fun. Just go to bing and try few queries like “airline tickets SFO to LHR” and see the phenomenal power of statistical data analysis and information aggregation. Fare prediction, fare comparison, optimal dates selection for cheap travel, direct data entry to other travel sites so on and so forth. All of this is done right there in the search results page. This is just one example but you should few other queries and compare the results.

Search is always been the same old despite the fact that we have statistical models that can be applied to those billions of records. Microsoft has tried to make sense of information that is out there and I am impressed at least for now. I think bing has converted information into knowledge that is ready to use. So next time when I am not aimlessly searching I will logon to bing.

-- Salim Hemdani

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