Friday, June 12, 2009

Is Twitter awakening your Animal Spirit?

The concept of Animal Spirit is well known in the world of economics. The term Animal Spirit as name suggests brings out the behaviors which we as humans may not agree to. In school they thought me that humans are social animals but I had never paid attention to “animal” in this definition. Isn’t it ironic that we get a different type of satisfaction when our inner animal instincts are touched? Economists have submitted to this theory that awakening of Animal Spirits bought us out of short recession we experienced between 2001 and 2004.

“Animal Spirits Are Awakening: Confidence is rising among long-cautious chief executives.”

-- Business Week: May 10, 2004

Do you see this similar pattern behind the success of twitter? Is twitter somehow bringing our inner animal instincts out? Why do we experience great satisfaction each time we tweet? Let’s see… Think about flock of birds or a heard or sheep? What do you see? You see they are aimlessly saying something. No meaningful conversation. Talk in the air no face-offs or arguments… That is their animal instinct. When you tweet you do exactly the same thing. You talk about something in the ether aimlessly and you never know who will listen to it or who will care for it. You just said something and you are happy about that. You don’t care … You tweet just to satisfy your inner animal spirit.

So next time you want to create an awesome business plan that involves humans. Think about Animal Spirits.

-- Salim Hemdani


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